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Sebastian Wilkinson

Our COAPE qualified Founder and head Behavior adviser, Sebastian has an ethos of continuous self improvement and learning. He is always building on his current knowledge of animal behavior to ensure you are constantly receiving the best and most up to date training and behavior advice possible that is based on scientifically researched methods and matches with our ethos of care and passion for building happy relationships between our clients and their people! To find out more Contact us here.


Every Dog and Cat is different, each with their own personalities, likes and dislikes. This is why we offer Personalized One to One pet training in the comfort of your own home. Every session is tailored to suit both you and your pets own learning styles helping you and your pet to develop the joyful loving relationship you both deserve!

5 ways reward based training can improve your relationship with your pet.

1.       It creates understanding --
By allowing your dog to explore and workout what you want through seeking rewards, you encourage them to naturally pay more attention to you, to watch your body language more closely, to look for clues to what you are asking them to do, to follow your gestures a little more clearly. Because when they pay closer attention those tasty cheese bits and hotdog pieces arrive that little bit quicker! And who wouldn’t want that to happen!!

2.       Improves Communication --
Anyone can shout, that’s easy. But it doesn't always mean your point is getting across, in fact the opposite is probably happening, I mean who wants to listen to a raging loon anyway? Not me! (even if I happen to be that raging loon)  But when you stop shouting at your dog and start thinking about how you are going to help them to understand what you want, to communicate your wishes to them in a way that makes them actually WANT to do it, well that’s when some amazing things start to happen!

3.       It relives Frustration --
Naturally as the communication between you and your dog improves,  them watching you closer for those all important clues to getting the rewards and you working to show them and guide them towards that reward then all the frustrations and anxieties you both were dealing with tend to evaporate, leaving nothing but clear communication and the joy of eachothers company between you and your canine companion. Besides everyone's happy when there's the certainty of good things happening!

4.       It brings you closer -- 
Spending more time praising and less time scolding? Of course you are going to get closer! Everyone likes being around people that encourage and support them, especially your dog! And they will show it every time they look at you and that tail starts to wag back and forth.

And finally:

5.       It creates Playfulness -- 
The more time you and your dog spend together discovering new things and looking for new ways to play and work together the more time you’ll find you have for spontaneous playful bursts of fun! So the retrieve isn't going so well? Guess we’ll switch to playing tuggy, or even better just chase eachother around for a bit. Eventually the retrieve will come, but in the mean time we've had a good time anyway!


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